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A well-built wine list is not just names and properly calculated prices. It is above all the art of combining many factors, such as representativeness, transparency, matching wines to dishes from the menu, the right layout and eye-catching appearance. There is no universal formula for a perfect wine list, so it must be both characteristic and attractive to meet the needs and expectations of consumers.  


It should be remembered that the wine list must be a handy and the most important tool for selling wine in the hands of a waiter.

Another inherent feature of a well-built Wine List is the selection of wine sold by the glass. An important element is the preparation of such wine items in glasses, which we will be able to offer our guests for any type of meal, not only the main course. However, it is worth remembering that wines should be of excellent quality in order to create a unique character of the restaurant.

A well-built wine list should be clear and transparent. However, it can not be too long and extensive because it becomes illegible, which can make your restaurant guest feel uncomfortable.

Price aspect - dthe wine must remain affordable, otherwise it becomes unsold. In order for the wine card to be properly calculated, the prices included in it must allow for the implementation of a proper margin, i.e. one that will allow you to make a high income from the sale of wine at the appropriate berevage cost.


Winne Pola is a direct wine importer avoiding intermediaries in the supply chain using the latest margin solutions. When composing a wine card, we are able to guarantee that the wine card will be an effective and well-functioning instrument supporting the sale of wine in your restaurant.

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