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Winne Pola is a professional wine supplier to the best restaurants and hotels throughout the country. Selective construction of the product offer, very high quality of service and excellent relationship with our partners means that Winne Pola is today one of the fastest growing companies supplying wines to the catering segment.

Satisfied customers

Thanks to our strategy, we already cooperate with 250 restaurants.

Thanks to individual approach, professional advice and high flexibility in operation, we are able to meet all the expectations of our clients. Our team, focused on the implementation of jointly set goals, fully engages in cooperation and cares about relationships with clients. 

Our wines are dedicated exclusively to gastronomy. We do not sell on the Internet, traditional channel or modern channel. Thanks to the long-term purchasing strategy, we will ensure absolute wine availability throughout the entire period of cooperation. It sounds unbelievable, but there are no shortages in our company. 

We guarantee instant deliveries throughout the country

It is difficult to talk about the advantages of cooperation, therefore we asked our partners for a short opinion on cooperation.

We guarantee: 


  • Price invariability until May 2 each year
  • Increasing the sales volume of wines by a minimum of 20% during the year in relation to the corresponding period of the previous year
  • Increasing the profitability of wine sales
  • Improved rotation of individual wines in the wine list
  • Increased professionalism of the waiter staff
  • Implementation of advanced sales tools and upselling techniques
  • Low logistic minimums (minimum order is 18 different wines, no value limit), then 24, 36, 42, etc. (multiplicity "6"). Orders placed before 2:30 pm are delivered as soon as the next business day.
  • One hundred percent availability of goods (ATTENTION! In our company, missing goods do not occur!)

We work only with the best vineyards from around the world

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