An increase in sales by nearly 65% thanks to the implementation of a personalized WinniePól program can impress. And rightly so. However, behind every number is a well-coordinated team of passionate people who with great commitment constantly gain valuable knowledge and successfully introduce it to our clients' businesses.

Deciding to cooperate with us, we declare 100% commitment to your project, conducting trainings and substantive advice improving efficiency restaurant operation. In addition, the reliable work of the entire Winnych Pól team guarantees a trouble-free and professional cooperation with your restaurant.

Cooperation with us is comprehensive, multi-stage, successive project, the aim of which is to manage all resources at the product, sales and service level, so that the increase in wine sales and guest satisfaction will reach optimal values.

How to start cooperation? Please provide your expectations, priorities,  opportunities and what you want to achieve in terms of sales volume of wines, product selection, training programs and support from our side.  On the basis of this information, we will prepare an offer of wines and comprehensive cooperation project. 

The most important is concept, idea for implementing the strategy in your restaurant.

Then we will suggest sales strategy and apply the appropriate pricing policy allowing to achieve the optimal wine sales margin.

We will  wine selection best suited to the character of your restaurant, as well as the guest segment that the Restaurant serves.

As part of the cooperation, we will build personalized training program  Waiter staffduring which we implement  effective sales techniques and deepen professional knowledge about wine.

Cooperation with us means not only delivering wine to the restaurant, but a guarantee of increasing the efficiency of your business. 

Together, we can achieve success! 

You're welcome!

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