After the first edition of the "Wine for Medal" competition organized by Association of Polish Sommeliers for 72 bottles sent to the competition by 14 importers, 37 bottles were awarded. Among them, our wines won as many as 7 medals. It allowed us to win a medal classification among importers in Poland.

Wines were judged by a jury composed of: Tomasz Kolecki (SSP, chairman of the commission), Adam Chrząstowski (chef), Michał Jancik (SSP), Adam Pawłowski (SSP), Tomasz Prange Barczyński (journalist, wine critic). The products were evaluated in the dark, on a 100-point scale. The proceedings of the commission and the entire course of the competition were supervised by the Law Firm of Leszek Czarny, Wojciech Budna i Wspólnicy

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