Winne Fields as a partner MADE RESTAURANTHe has the pleasure of inviting you to a business meeting, during which the methods that will allow you to be 3 steps ahead in the gastronomic business will be presented in the group of the most active local practitioners.

Our commercial director Grzegorz Wejer, will take part in the debate "A new generation of waiters. How to motivate and keep the best waiter? "At the conference MADE RESTAURANT in Wroclaw on October 29, 2018! In the debate led by Agnieszka Małkiewicz and Katarzyna Derdzińska MADE will also participate:

Anna Zielińska, Topacz Castle Sławomir Sochaj, portal Winicjatywa, warehouse Ferment. A letter about wine. Sylwester Szymczak, Restaurant Marina & Marina, Kasia Tip, Caffeine 2.0,

During the debate you will be able to get answers to the following questions:

Why is there a problem with service in restaurants?
What are the ways and solutions to support restaurateurs in improving the quality of the service in Poland
Is the waiter-student the same evil?
What should the pay structure be like for the waiter to be motivated?
New generation - new profession - new waiter: is it possible?

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