On the last day of July in the Szafarnia 10 restaurant, a tasting of Australian wines took place. Among the guests were wine lovers and sommeliers. Five labels were prepared, to which five cold starters, chef, Grzegorz Labuda, were served. Only invited guests took part in the event.

A restaurant located on the Motława River Szafarnia 10 it has become a meeting place for people interested in viticulture. The meeting began around 5:00 pm, on the tenth floor of the restaurant, the official speech of Grzegorz Wejer, who acted on behalf of Winne Pola, the co-organizer of the meeting.

- From the beginning, we made sure that the atmosphere of the meeting was hot. Fortunately, the sun is lower and lower, so you should do a little cooler. I would like to welcome you and Kate, who came to us from Australia. We organize regular meetings devoted to wine tasting, today it will be Australian wines - said Grzegorz Wejer, commercial director of Winne Pola.

Detailed information about the wines served was delivered to the special guest of the event, Kate Goodman, who is a valued winemaker in Australia. Kate introduced guests to the right atmosphere by talking about Australia and showing a short film showing the functioning of the vineyard from which the tasted wines came.

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